Escaping the winter in Tenerife

Wasting no time in getting some early 2019 miles and meters in our Ingrid escaped the short cold days of January with a trip to Tenerife in preparation for an exciting year of riding ahead!


She shipped her own All City Mr Pink bike out in our new rentable Biknd travel case. The case fits any road, gravel or mtb bike regardless of dropouts and has enough space left to fit some kit in there as well. Just be sure not to exceed your flight’s weight limit!

Upon arrival it was clear why so many pro’s and amateurs alike flock to the island for winter training camps and holidays. The weather is perfect at around 25 degrees C and wherever you are on the island mount Teide is all imposing. The volcanic climb is the only place in Europe where you can climb continuously from sea level to 2,100 metres in one go and the roads are generally in great nick. Due to the height of the climb descending can be chilly, especially if the clouds are in.

Andy also made it out for a few days, opting to rent a bike out there due to the short stay instead of flying with his own and even managed to find a prestein 13.5km gravel loop close to the top of of the climb on his last day!

It’s not all about Mount Teide though. One of our favorite rides was out to the small mountain village of Masca to the west of the island. Despite being only 650m high the road is stunning, by which I mean steep and full of hairpins, and despite the traffic it is a must ride!


If your heading out to the island on your own adventure and want any info or to talk routes be sure to drop by for a chat.