All Road Bikes Vs. Cyclocross Bikes

Just wanted to share this interesting article from Jeff over at All City with you guys.

All Road Bikes Vs. Cyclocross Bikes – One Person’s Opinion

It discuses the finer, and not so finer, details of the differences between CX and All Road bikes. Yes, they both take wider tyres and allow you to explore more on your drop bar bike, but which is best suited for your riding style?

Simply put do you race cross? If so get a cross bike. If you don’t or even if you do but only now and then for fun, get an all road instead.

Here at bikeUlike we love our all roads and as we don’t race cross, but we do ride epic UK gravel (read this as poorly maintained bridleways and worse) our weapon of choice, All City’s Space Horse, is working out rather nicely for us!