10 years of All City!

To celebrate their 10th Anniversary All City just dropped their wildest, most expensive, and awesome paint job ever on the Mr Pink.

A bit about the Mr. Pink:

Our flagship road racer was designed to carry you as quickly and efficiently as possible over any road surface. From pot-hole-filled city streets, to smooth country roads, and gravel centuries, this bike does it all with the style and smoothness that can only come from high-end steel.

Geometry-wise, it’s a classic racer, but we’ve made tweaks to the equation that remove the limitations associated with your average road bike. It has clearance for 32c tires (28’s w/fenders) for mixed-terrain riding, hidden fender mounts for foul-weather days and an ED coating for rust prevention and longevity. The perennial favorite Columbus Zona tubeset is lightweight and provides a stiff, yet remarkably comfortable ride.

If you’re still on the fence about the capabilities, ride quality and general badassness of this bike check out Dustin Klein’s epic 100 mile ride from Fargo to Grand Forks, North Dakota and back on a borrowed one!