Bagman2 Quick Release Support – Expedition

Weight (grams): 434
Dimensions: 19cm wide x 20cm high x 17cm deep
Maximum load: 10 kg

Designed and manufactured by Edbro Innovations exclusively for Carradice.

Other features

  • The saddlebag carrier with built in 21st century Style and Practical Technology.
  • Ideal for attaching bags to saddles which don’t have loops.
  • Recommended for use with the Cadet, Nelson, Nelson Longflap, College, Camper Longflap and Super C saddlebags.
  • All alloy construction Support struts give extra strength and rigidity and reduces stress on saddle rails.
  • Main frame welded to clamp (will not work loose) Fits most saddles but NOT compatible with sprung saddles.
  • Comes complete with BAGMAN ADAPTER.
  • Eliminates bag swing Unobtrusive cycling