Bicycle Repairs and Servicing


BikeULike Workshop

Our bicycle mechanics provide Bicycle tune-ups and bike repairs everyday! Need to get your bike serviced? You can count on our service department to fix a flat tire, repair your chain or upgrade your components. If you are installing a part and need some help, we’re happy to lend a hand, whether or not you bought it here. We’ll check your bike from top to bottom and get you back on the road in no time!

Service “BRONZE” – £30

A mini service where we check the road worthy condition of your bike for rider/parent piece of mind. The work will cover the following:
  • Visual inspection of the bike to assess the condition.
  • Tyres checked for wear and inflated to correct pressure.
  • Check and tighten all nuts and bolts.
  • Oil chain and cables. Adjust brake cables. Bike is test ridden.
  • Customer advised of any additional work that may need to be done.

Service “SILVER” – £50

Recommended every 6 months depending on use. As per “BRONZE” service plus:
  • Frame cleaned, checked for damage and alignment.
  • Headset checked for play and adjusted.
  • BB checked for play and adjusted.
  • Wheels checked for wear and damage, bearings checked for play and free movement.
  • Spokes tensioned and wheels trued.
  • Drive chain cleaned, lubed and checked for wear. Gears adjusted. Brakes checked for effective operation and adjusted.

Service “GOLD” – £90

Full strip down to bare frame and forks. As per “SILVER” service plus:
  • Frame cleaned, checked for damage and alignment, threads in frame checked and cleaned.
  • Hubs stripped, inspected, cleaned, re-greased and re-assembled.
  • BB removed, cleaned, checked for play and refitted.
  • All other components removed, inspected, cleaned, lubricated and refitted.


  • Headset: £15
  • Bottom bracket: £15
  • Front hub: £15
  • Rear hub: £20
*parts and part installation not included Mechanical work: £20/hour


Flat tire: £10
  • New tube replacement.
  • Front brake adjustment : £5
  • Front/rear brake install: £10
  • Front/rear brake cable install: £5
  • Brake pad install: £5/1pair
  • Brake lever install: £8/each
  • Brake set install: £10/single / £15/pair
Gear shifting:
  • Front derailleur adjustment: £5
  • Front derailleur install: £10
  • Front derailleur cable install: £5
  • Rear derailleur adjustment: £5
  • Rear derailleur install: £10
  • Rear derailleur cable install: £5
  • Shifter install 1: £15
  • Shifter install pair: £25
Chain and cogs:
  • Chain repair: £10
  • Chain install: £5
  • Free wheel/Cassette install: £10
  • Chain ring install: £15
Bottom Bracket and crank:
  • Pedal install: £5
  • Crank install: £10
  • Bottom bracket adjustment: £5
  • Bottom bracket repair: £15
Handlebar and Fork:
  • Bar grip install: £5
  • Bar tape wrap install: £10
  • Handlebar cut: £10
  • Front wheel true: £10
  • Rear Wheel true: £15
  • Front hub adjustment: £5
  • Rear hub adjustment: £10
  • Hub body install: £15
  • Front wheel install: £5
  • Rear wheel install: £10
  • Wheel build: £20


Accessory install:
  • Bell: £3
  • Light: £5
  • Lock Bracket: £5
  • Kick stand: £5
  • Fender front: £5
  • Fender rear: £5
  • Rack: £10
  • Basket: £10
  • Bar ends: £5
  • Bar grip wrap £5
  • Bike assembly: £25
Drop in your brand new bike and our technician will unpack and put your bike together for you. Bike assembly tune-up: £60 We do your bike assembly and also you will get the intermediate tune-up package for £25. Bike packing for shipments: £25 Proper size box with with soft padding inside to prevent damages on your bike in shipment. Borrowing tools: £2 / tool We love to lend you our tools so you can work on your bike or we can do it for you. Please refer to our bike repair section for prices. Air pump use: Free